Book Review: Bombus the Bumblebee

This is a delightful tale of Bombus, a happy-go-lucky bumblebee who is content with the way God made him. This changes, however, when the honeybees grow tired of Bombus and his whimsical habits. They begin to point out all the things that are different about Bombus and lead him to believe that he is not capable of fulfilling God’s call for him to fly. But God speaks to Bombus and tells him to “FLY.” Never again does Bombus feel inadequate by listening to others more than listening to God.

Almost everyone has experienced the pain of having their differences pointed out to them as if these differences were bad. When one chooses to dwell upon everything that he or she is not, these differences turn into shackles. Only when one is obeying God and seeking to please Him can one be free to reach his or her full potential. Bombus the Bumblebee is a good illustration of this truth put into terms that children can understand.

My sons aged 2 and 4 could not wait for me to read Bombus the Bumblebee to them. The illustrations were captivating, and the story was easy for them to understand. The story is followed by more details about bumblebees and how they are specially created by God. All of us learned something about bumblebees. In addition, there are discussion topics. Although my children were a bit young for the questions, I look forward to revisiting the book when they are older. I like how the book is designed to reach multiple ages and to grow with the child. A list of 7 activities is provided to help families explore bumblebees and each individual’s uniqueness. We particularly liked making the Fingerprint Bees and even added some pictures of flowers. Like the discussion topics, these activities are suitable for a broad age span.

I would recommend Bombus the Bumblebee to any family. It is excellent by itself or as part of a science curriculum. It is useful for deepening the knowledge of individuals already interested in bumblebees or piquing the interest of individuals who have never thought much about these marvels of God’s creation. Bombus the Bumblebee, written by Elsie Larson and illustrated by David and Elizabeth Haidle, was printed in 1997 and 2000 and is available from Master Books, Green Forest, AR.


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  1. Terrific review! I can’t wait to read it!

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