Sesame Street Old School

Yesterday I sat down to watch Sesame Street Old School with my children. At the beginnig there was a disclaimer about how these old episodes were intended for adults and that they may not meet the needs of today’s preschoolers. That got me thinking. Was my generation not as intelligent as today’s generation? Why would today’s preschoolers suddenly have special needs? Is there a possibility that parents actually blame Sesame Street for their child’s not being able to read or count?

I understand that the technology represented in the old episodes is outdated. But what is the harm in learning how things used to be? And if one’s goal is to teach ABCs and 123s, shouldn’t technological education be reserved for a different time and place? Today’s preschoolers are immersed in technology any way.

Have phonetics and early math skills changed over the past 30 years, leading to different needs for instruction? Letters are letters, and numbers are numbers. If the current method of teaching something is working, why would one pursue a “revolutionary, new way” of teaching it?

Or could it be that the emphasis of education has shifted from the fundamentals of reading and arithmetic to social engineering? Is it more important to build positive self-image and appreciation for diversity than it is to learn the alphabet?


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  1. linda wahl

    Very well said, Tiffany! You’re absolutely right!

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