Book Review: Already Compromised

Already Compromised is written by Ken Ham and Greg Hall with Britt Beemer and published by Master Books, Green Forest, AR. In the introduction of the book, Ham presents a brief history of Christian higher education within the United States. This narrative focuses on how Ivy League schools were once rooted in Biblical thinking but now have forsaken their roots for secular ideology. This observation makes the reader wonder how many other “Christian” colleges are still Christian.

Ken Ham and Greg Hall take turns writing a total of eleven chapters divided into two parts. The first part centers on a study conducted by Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group about what leaders of Christian colleges say about the teachings of their institutions. The second part emphasizes why it is so important for Christians to pay attention to what is being taught in college classrooms and how they can hold Christian colleges accountable. There are four appendices. Appendix A gives examples of the double language, referred to in the book as Newspeak, used by intellectual leaders. Appendix B discusses the importance of worldview. Appendix C explains how the Documentary (JEDP) Hypothesis has been used to attack the authority of the Bible. Lastly, Appendix D offers a helpful questionnaire that future college students can use to uncover what prospective institutions of higher learning really believe and teach.

The research for this project was done in a very systematic, valid, and reliable way. The questions were written to reveal what institutional leaders really believe about the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Here is the importance of asking these questions: If one does not believe that the Bible is accurate from the very beginning, how can one really believe that the Bible is accurate about what it teaches of Jesus Christ? Rejecting the authority of Scripture is ultimately rejecting the authority of God Himself. The chapters are easy to read, and the statistics are presented in graphs for better understanding. Ham and Hall do an excellent job explaining all terms and concepts. Footnotes provide further information about the topics of the book, and several times, the book lists a Web address for more information about the study.

At first, I was hesitant to read this book because I do not have any students preparing to enter college in the near future. However, I am also familiar with Ken Ham and his organization Answers in Genesis; and I decided to read it. Before reading this book, I had never thought much about the importance of what one believes about the Creation story; but that has changed. Already Compromised has shown me that parents should not assume that since they are sending their children to nominally Christian schools that everything will be all right. Parents need to be proactive in preparing their children for onslaughts to the Christian faith. The information and style of this book have given me the desire to read Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It. I recommend that parents, educators, and church leaders alike read Already Compromised to make themselves aware of what is really happening to our young people once they leave home.


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