Book Review: The Family Illustrated Bible

The Family Illustrated Bible from New Leaf Press of Green Forest, AR was previously published as The Children’s Bible. At the beginning of the Bible, there are some informational sections about books of the Bible, covenants, and Bible lands; and there are other segments about Mesopotamia, Canaanites, King Herod, and many other topics interspersed throughout the volume. Bible stories are presented in chronological order rather than in the order they appear in traditional Bibles. The paraphrased stories make this volume easy to read out loud to people of all ages. Each story gives the appropriate Scripture references, and Bible quotes are from the New International Version. Even though the stories are paraphrased, they are in no way watered down or edited in such a way that takes from the original point of the story. In the back of the book one will find a list of both Old and New Testament people with one- to two-sentence biographies. Lastly, there is a thorough index. The volume is hard-bound, designed to be used for many years. Nearly every page has either real photographs or realistic artwork that enhance the visual appeal.

Each night my husband reads a story to our 2-year-old and 4-year-old, and neither has difficulty paying attention. Yet the stories have also sparked conversations between my husband and me. We appreciate that the pictures are realistic rather than cartoonish or stylized and that the stories rightly divide the Word of God. I would recommend The Family Illustrated Bible to every family.


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