Book Review: Don’t Make Me Count to Three

The title of Ginger Plowman’s book Don’t Make Me Count to Three:  A
Mom’s Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline
brings to mind images of frustrated
parents looking for a better way to guide their misbehaving children.  Many books present a plethora of parenting
techniques; however, this book stands out because it sheds light on how to
confront discipline issues in biblical as well as practical ways.  It covers changing the heart of a child
rather than modifying behavior, giving reproof, and applying the rod.  The three appendices covering how to become a
Christian, how to lead your child to Christ, and how to pray for your child are
very helpful.

Plowman includes personal anecdotes which help with
application of the principles and add humor as well.  It is encouraging to hear the struggles of
other parents, and Plowman makes readers realize that everyone makes mistakes
in parenting and that every child misbehaves.
I found this book to be so helpful and easy to read that I am
considering using it for a book discussion group for the ladies in my church.  I would recommend it to all parents.

Ginger Plowman is the founder of Preparing the Way
Ministries, and Don’t Make Me Count to
(ISBN:  0-9723046-4-9) is
available from Shepherd Press, Wapwallopen, PA.


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