Book Review: Rediscovering Family Worship

The title of Jerry Marcellino’s Rediscovering Family Worship indicates the need for today’s
families to begin to follow the commands of Deuteronomy 6:7:

And you shall teach
them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house
and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.

And in the introduction, Marcellino
discusses how modern families should look back to the Puritans of the past as
examples in family worship.  This roughly
25-page booklet can easily be read within one Sunday afternoon. Marcellino uses
Scripture to firmly build the case for family worship, and he includes quotes
from such spiritual leaders as A.W. Pink, Jonathan Edwards, and  A.W. Tozer.
I agree with Marcellino that family worship is desperately
needed in society today.  The family is
the building block of the Church, and in order for the Church to be strong,
families must be strong.  I like how
Marcellino does not write in a condescending or condemning way nor lay unrealistic
burdens upon families.  His suggestions for
starting family worship are easy to adopt.
This booklet is a good recommendation for any family that wishes to draw
closer to God but is not sure where to begin.

Jerry Marcellino is the pastor of Audubon Drive Bible Church
of Laurel, Mississippi and co-founder of The Fellowship of Independent Reformed
Evangelicals (FIRE).  The 11th
printing of Rediscovering Family Worship
(ISBN:  978-0-982437-5-6) is available
from Shepherd Press, Wapwallopen, PA.


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