Why do I homeschool?

I’ve been thinking a lot about reasons for homeschooling.  Since my oldest has not reached school age, I have not been bombarded with the questions yet.  But I have been formulating responses all the same.  Here are some reasons I homeschool:

1.  I feel that the home is a safer place for my children to learn.

2.  I feel that I can offer them a more well-rounded education myself.

3.  I feel that I know my children better than any expert or teacher and that I will be able to decide if they need tutoring, motivation, medication, etc.

4.  I want to instill my values in my children.

5.  My husband has said that he will not subject his children to the same bullying he received in public school.

6.  I did not have children just so I can send them away on a school bus after only 5 years with them.

7.  I like teaching….

I’m sure I could go on and on.  Am I saying that homeschooling is right for everyone?  Absolutely not.  Am I saying that I am a better parent for choosing to homeschool?  May it never be.  I am saying that the decisions parents make for their children are theirs to make.  We have chosen what is best for our family at this time and in this place.  Will it change?  Perhaps.  The important thing to remember when discussing decisions about education or anything else is that people have personal reasons for making them.  It is not anyone’s place to trod upon the freedom and responsibility of others to make decisions.


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