Do Your Children Belong to You?

It is true that your children are placed under your care and guidance whether by birth or by adoption. But does that mean that they belong to you? In short, no, they do not. They belong to God.

God has given your children to you so that you can teach them how to be God’s servants. You are responsible for presenting the Gospel to them and showing them how to be like Christ. Do not shirk this responsibility. Do not think that a good Sunday School, nice friends, or a Christian school will make your child a faithful servant. They will not. If all those things did, there would be no need for parents.

In addition to a parent’s responsibility to God, there is a responsibility to fellow man. Charlotte Mason said, “Children are a public trust.” As you train your child, think, “Would I want this future person as an employee or a boss? Would I want to marry this future person?” Your child’s upbringing does not affect him or her alone. It affects countless other individuals whom you have likely never met. In one of the parenting books I read quite some time ago, the author basically said that you owe it to society not to raise a heathen.

Take your duties as a parent seriously.


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