Parents, Educate Yourselves

While there is no college degree in parenting, parents are still responsible to educate themselves on the subject. Your job as a parent is more monumental than your occupation. As you would participate in professional development, you should also seek guidance on how to parent.

Charlotte Mason quotes Herbert Spencer as saying, “Here are the indisputable facts: that the development of children in mind and body follows certain laws; that unless these laws are in some degree conformed to by parents, death is inevitable; that unless they are in a great degree conformed to, there must result serious mental and physical defects; and that only when they are completely conformed to, can a perfect maturity be reached.”

The Bible is the authoritative source of these laws. The book of Proverbs is particularly helpful in making clear the general principles that guide life. There are also many parenting books that offer good advice about how to apply biblical principles. But if a manual is founded on psychology only and not the Bible, it is rubbish.

Parents, make it a point to educate yourselves on how to parent by reading the Bible (especially Proverbs) and by reading biblically based parenting books.


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