Children Deserve the Best Care Possible

Charlotte Mason said, “But they should have the best of their mother, her freshest, brightest hours.”  This statement challenges me to examine whether my children see my best side.  Or do they see a crabby, worn out mommy?  What priorities do I need to change to see that I am not worn out while caring for my children?  Am I multitasking too much?  If I am tired, I should rest.  If I am hungry, I should eat.  I should be willing to give my children the best care I can.  And for those times when I cannot care for them personally, I should find someone else who will give them the care they deserve.

My mother told me, “No one will take as good care of your child as you will.”  That really raises the bar on whom one should ask to babysit.  I am fortunate to have family and church members who are willing to babysit; so I have not had to find “quality childcare.”  I do not envy mothers who do.  But I hope that all mothers would put a great deal of prayer and research into finding the best childcare.  And once they find it, that they monitor it closely.

Our children deserve it.


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