The Power of Perception

Here are some more thoughts sprung from Todd Wilson’s Lies Homeschooling Mom’s Believe.

Everyone, especially homeschooling moms, perceive things differently than they really are.  Sometimes the misperceptions are huge, and sometimes the misperceptions are small.  And often the perceptions are so real that we act upon them.

I have certain fears as a homeschooling mom that have recently gotten so out of control that they have affected my homeschool schedule.  I have made changes and cut out certain activities based upon how I think other people think of me.  These fears have also spilled over into leisure activities.  I have made my children’s lives less pleasurable because I fear that something bad will happen if we continue certain habits.

Reading this book has caused me to look at myself and question whether my decisions are based upon fact or fiction.  Am I making a wise decision, or am I just being a coward?  Have I allowed my fears to put shackles on me and my children?

It will take some time to deal with these doubts, but now that I have realized that they are there, I feel a certain amount of freedom.

What are some misperceptions that might be holding you back?


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