How does your homeschool reading material make you feel?

In Lies Homeschooling Mom’s Believe, Todd Wilson asks whether you are encouraged or discouraged by homeschooling books and magazines.  Because there is a plethora of reading material available, it is necessary to prioritize what you will spend your time reading.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting reading material.

  1. Does the material speak the truth?  If it does not rightly divide God’s Word, then get rid of it.
  2. Does this make you feel encouraged or discouraged?  Do you feel more hopeful and confident in your role as a homeschool mom?  Or do you feel less confident and not joyful about the task before you?  Do not continue to read things that discourage you.
  3. Does the material equip you to be a better homeschool mom?  Are the tips and how-tos practical and applicable to your stage of life?  Do you already have a system that works?  There is no reason to fix what is not broken.  If you do not think that something will work with your family, do not try it.
  4. Does this book or magazine convict you of areas that need improvement in a loving way?  An author may be speaking the truth, but it does no good if the reader is too beaten up to even try to improve.
  5. Is this book or magazine of interest to you?  Who cares if other homeschool moms are reading books about how a new super diet is guaranteed to make children brain surgeons?  If you do not like reading books about nutrition, do not read them.   And that goes for any other subject or style of writing that you abhor.

There are so many books and so little time.  Why spend time reading homeschool books and magazines that do not make you happier and better at your job?


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