Why do we brag?

In Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe, Todd Wilson asks why some homeschooling moms brag about their accomplishments or hobbies.  I think there are many types of women who seem to “brag”

  1. Some women are just that self-centered.  They fail to realize that the universe does not revolve around them and that no one is as interested in their lives as they are.
  2. Some women are actually insecure, and they want to put up a brave front.  They have never been accepted just as they are.
  3. Some women became accustomed to receiving so much attention in their younger years that they feel the need to establish a more age-appropriate identity through their homeschooling prowess.
  4. Some women know that they are failing desperately in other areas of  their lives; so  they try to shift the focus from those areas to the areas in which they excel.
  5. Some women truly do not intend to brag.  They simply want to make conversation or want to be  helpful to other homeschooling moms.  Their tact is just lacking, or other moms perceive them inaccurately.

The question is, which woman am I?


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